Unlocking Customers’ Potential

Unlocking Customers’ Potential is what inspired the inception of MSI back in 1998. As a buyer at a San Diego utility company, I wanted to

It Starts with a Dream

Pursuing Excellence Such as having a quality management system (QMS) should never be considered “its own thing.” Instead, it should be an integrated part of

Delighting Customers

Customer Focus We’ve all heard it, how can we ensure that our customers are delighted?  The most assured method is keeping the beat of what

Getting What You Want

We primarily get what we want by writing out the Company’s objectives, otherwise they are just dreams! Objectives are like wishes, but better defined and

Be a Company of Distinction

Ace of spades is the last of 4 aces We attribute the Ace of spades to the Quality Policy.  Every certified company must have a

Set Your Company Apart

ACE of clubs is this weeks’ card Defining your Company’s processes really starts the QMS journey. Yes these could be shown in the organization chart,

Enhancing Customers’ Satisfaction

ACE of diamonds There are 13 references in the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard regarding enhancing Customers’ Satisfaction. Customer focus is #1 of the 7 Quality