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ISO  9001:2008 Implementation | Hardin Optical

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About Hardin Optical

ISO9001:2008, Hardin Optical (Bandon, Oregon)
MSI Serving Since 2009

Hardin Optical  is a rapid prototype, development and custom fabrication manufacturing company,  specializing in high precision optic components and systems.“MSI assessed our  strengths and weaknesses and then provided the leader-ship needed to make  Hardin Optical ready for the ISO 9001 certification audit. The tools and  guidance we received from Diana Procter’s coaching were vital to making our  goals a success.” Michael Hardin, GM Hardin Optical

After the ISO registration, SureResults™

ISO9001:2008, Hardin Optical (Bandon,  Oregon) MSI serving since 2009Support Hardin  Optical maintain ISO certificate through conducting:

Internal  audits at planned intervals in determining whether Hardin Optical QMS conforms  to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008

Management  reviews at planned intervals to ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy and  effectiveness of the QMS

Utilizing corrective/preventive actions to  mitigate nonconformance’s of the process and/or product.


Registrar Comments

Registration was completed on  October 30, 2009, with zero findings by ISA’s Mr. Mohamad Almaoui. Some of the  strengths observed during the audit were as follows:

Quality objectives were well established and communicated  to employees.

Processes were well monitored through daily  customer-focused morning meetings, semi-annual management meetings, quarterly  All-Hands meetings, weekly tactical meetings, internal audits, establishment  and monitoring of quality objectives.

Detailed Management Review meetings with proper  discussion of relevant inputs and outputs.

Value added data was well collected and analyzed.

Customer satisfaction and complaints were well documented  and analyzed.



Hardin Optical ISO 9001:2008 registration program was started on December 18, 2008,  and completed on October 30, 2009, with zero findings. Hardin Optical currently  is on MSI’s SureResults™ program.

“We are thankful for the work done with MSI and would  recommend their leadership to companies committed to achieving ISO 9001 certification.”

Michael Hardin GM Hardin Optical

MSI Scope of Work

In true  partnership with Hardin Optical (Bandon, Oregon), MSI:

Provided  consulting services with Turnkey implementation using SurePath™ methodology

Established the  QMS process from ground zero, controlled and maintained through the use of  Proquis, a Compliance Management System software

Guided Hardin  Optical QMS processes in reaching program milestones with 100% on-time  completion

Conducted Internal  Audits, and attended Management Review meetings

Presented in  pre-assessment audit, and registration audit to ensure the registration  certificate realization.

Ongoing  maintenance began after the registration audit in 2009, using our SureResults™  methodology.

Developed  required process procedures and Quality Manual by interviewing employees in  their related functions.

Before  the ISO registration, SurePath™:

Trained  personnel on  ISO 9001:2008 Overview, as  well as QMS process implementation

Coached the Corrective and Preventive Action process nonconformances found in the QMS  during the Internal Audit,  and/or  through the Receiving Inspection

Showed  required material/data samples for Management Review meeting, and presented in  the Management Review meeting for guidance.

Presented  in pre-assessment audit and registration audit to ensure the registration  certificate realization.


Management Systems International (MSI) properly  implements Quality Management Systems (QMS) to ensure your company continuously  meets the globally recognized ISO 9001 international standard.