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ISO Feasibility Analysis

ISO Feasibility Analysis


Feasibility Analysis- provide a strategy for companies to earn certification towards management system standards.

Management Systems International (MSI) offers our Feasibility Analysis to provide a strategy for your company to earn certification towards a requested International Standard.  The Feasibility Analysis will reveal the pros and cons of your company’s current processes relating to ISO Standards. MSI has assisted in over 65 certifications from start to finish.


These analyses focus on opportunities of consolidating certifications and possible sequences of sites earning certificates.  We will outline distinct pitfalls to be aware of and offer strategies in the project-planning phase to roll out the appropriate management system.


MSI’s Feasibility analyses serve as a foundation for identifying suitable procedures to use in expanding other sites and resources required in implementing or consolidating international standards.  This analysis provides the background of the organization, project, and standard(s).

Achieve Desired Results

MSI’s Feasibility Analysis  also develops the steps required to achieve desired results, implementation and maintenance cost projections,  details of operations and management, as well expected cost and the number of required audit days by certification bodies.


All of MSI’s Feasibility Analyses cover the project constraint, operational, system, resource and schedule feasibility of business projects. Types of Feasibility Analyses MSI offers:

  • Consolidating Multi-Site ISO/AS Certifications
  • Implementing International Standards
  • Integrating new Standards to an existing Management Systems
  • Standards MSI supports:
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 13485
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 45001
    • AS 9100
    • And any form of combination of Management System Standards

For More information on Feasibility Analysis, please contact MSI by e-mail at or by phone (888)914-9141.