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SurePath™ Implementation Program

MSI experts prepare a feasible plan, develop the documentation, train your personnel, and help to implement procedures, your company will prepare for Registration with minimal impact to your daily operations. With five major milestones, the MSI SurePath™ turnkey solution is your expedited answer for ISO or AS certification.  It begins with a Kick-Off Meeting at your facility and culminates with your ISO certification.  Even after achieving ISO or AS Registration, MSI is there to assist you with ongoing activities that enhance your business processes and drive down costs while continuing to improve the effectiveness of your Quality or Environmental Management System. For companies having ISO experiences in implementing consider downloading MSI’s Program Plan Program Plan for an integrated certification 9001 and 14001.

We use innovation to develop and maintain management systems.

  • Streamline systems to International Standards, processes and documentation;
  • Eliminate operational gaps, redundancy and waste;
  • Improve operational efficiency,
  • Access tools to further your competitive edge;
  • Deliver consistently top-quality and environmentally-conscious products and services;
  • Improve customer confidence and satisfaction.

Implementation for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and AS 9100 systems.

Our proven SurePath™ turnkey solution will streamline your ISO certification process, cost less and achieve a successful conclusion with minimal disruption of your daily operations.

MSI performs a vital role in the implementation and conformity to International Standards through a series of refined smart steps that expedite the process to a successful conclusion.

Achieving ISO certification is an process that requires establishing standard processes and procedures. The SurePath™ turnkey solution is your answer in becoming ISO 9001, AS 9100, or ISO 14001 certified.

MSI has helped over 600 companies worldwide to achieve registration, you can be confident that MSI has a proven program that is guaranteed to get results!  Here’s what a SurePath™ solution includes:

Planning of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and AS 9100 Implementation process:

  •  Quality Management System (QMS) or  Environmental Management System(EMS) Planning
  • Plan & conduct interviews to gather information on how processes are conducted and determine any gaps
  • Manage the implementation process, provide feedback and follow-up
  • Inform management regularly of status/concerns

Quality and/or Environmental documentation:

  • Develop processes and draft levels 1 & 2 documents (policies & procedures)
  • Help with interpretation of the Standards

Overview training and “hands on” Internal Audit Guidance

  • Organize & conduct training sessions
  • Issue all training certificates
  • Develop Internal Auditors in various departments
  • Review & submit all audit summary reports
  • Assist with corrective actions from audits

Guidance and support during the Registrar audits

  • Recommend 3 registrars and coordinate audit dates
  • Coach, be present at, and provide Management Review tools
  • Provide Guidance at 3rd party Audits

SurePath™ packages:

  • Help organize the process and avoid/resolve difficulties early
  • Include Internal Audit Training and Coaching
  • Assist to devise an effective and efficient system that works well for our client’s customers and their company
  • Interview staff in Groups to maximize efficiency