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ISO14001: 2015 Management Review

4 hours


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Woman's Eye and World GlobesPreparing to Transition? During the transition period of ISO 14001: 2004 to ISO 14001: 2015, the Management Review is a key to continual improvement to the organization’s Quality Management System, and it will:

1.   Assess comprehensively how the transition circumstances may influence the suitability, effectiveness, and adequacy of the Quality Management System;

Provide detailed information for each process implementation guild line.


§  Classes are conducted in beautiful Carlsbad, California, located in north San Diego County close to the beach, dining and local entertainment, or onsite at your facility.

§  Our staff is highly experienced and has assisted over 500 companies in becoming ISO certified. We have over 55 years of combined ISO experience. MSI is the ISO expert! We know what ISO Registrars expect and can give you the training and assistance you need for guaranteed results!

§ An organization’s Quality Management System must to be reviewed periodically by its senior management to ensure its processes stay “healthy”

§  Whether your business is currently certified or not, the ISO 14001:2015 Management Review training is a perfect way to learn how for the organization smoothly implement or transit from ISO 14001:2004 to  ISO 14001:2015 requirement benefit your organization.

Why You Should Attend:
§  To be able to intelligently converse about ISO 14001:2015 requirements on Management Review concepts, principles and benefits

§  Learn strategies that will help you avoid costly mistakes

§  To provide confidence to your customers that high quality will be achieved in the delivered product or service

§  To improve your work relationship with employees who will be (or are) responsible for quality management

§  To nurture a company atmosphere of high quality standards and customer satisfaction

§  To learn how ISO 14001 reduces costs through improved efficiency and productivity

Who Should Attend:
§  Executives and managers in businesses that are already or yet to be ISO 14001 certified

§  Executives and managers considering implementing an ISO 14001 Quality Management System

§  Anyone who wants or needs a better understanding of the basic concepts and principles of ISO 14001 Management Review

§  Business owners, managers, and/or key individuals who will participate in the implementation of ISO 14001:2015 standards

About The Instructor:   MSI has a number of experienced, talented instructors that rotate teaching this course.

What is the Cost?   The cost for this informative course is just $397.00 per attendee. Cost includes continental breakfast and student handout.
To schedule a class, email MSI at or call MSI toll-free at (888) 914-9141