ISO Internal Auditor Online Workshop

Duration: 120 minutes


If you are a professional looking for a second career or you just have your second wind you should check out the ISO Internal Auditor Online Workshop.

After you take this course you will come away with an introduction to the ISO consulting industry. This course will provide you with valuable skills in how to perform a procedural audit – an ISO 9001 requirement. Good auditors can earn $50 – $100 per hour performing these types of audits.  

Independent trained ISO auditors provide this valuable service for corporations and businesses of all sizes. This course will provide you with an overview of auditing techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of business processes and is designed for the practice of performing an internal audit. The ISO Internal Auditor Online Workshop is an ideal starting place for you to add ISO auditing skills to your resume or to determine if you have the right stuff to be an ISO Standards Consultant. This fulfills the required Introduction Course for the ISO Internal Auditor courses ISO 9001; ISO 45001; ISO 14001; ISO 13485; AS9100.