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ISO in the Public Sector

When one is choosing an ISO consulting company for public sector implementation, one must consider a variety of factors. The bid process, the chosen company’s public sector experience, fulfilling government requirements, and most importantly document security.
Management Systems International is an internationally recognized company that has worked with government agencies around the world. Our secure location has handled the top level procedures of public sector processes, and successfully implemented quality and environmental management systems.
MSI’s public works projects have included extensive work in the US government’s Department of Defense. Our flexibility to work within funding requirements, employee availability, and timeline constraints have awarded MSI multiple implementation projects for both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
Government agencies recognize MSI’s leadership in the field of ISO implementation consulting, auditing and training. Our working relationships in public sectors around the world have included training representatives from foreign governments to NASA, to the DOD.
DOD representatives recommend MSI for implementation of ISO standards:
“…Divisions became ISO9000 certified within the time period required. This success was due to the ability of the MSI staff to adapt to the ever changing resources required for this effort. MSI was able to adjust quickly to the requirements placed upon them. Governments operate differently from private sector firms and MSI was able to adjust to this difference very quickly. MSI was also selected through a competitive solicitation to assist in the implementation of ISO14000. For those considering ISO standard implementation, I recommend that MSI be given strong consideration.”
MSI’s adaptability to the changing needs in areas of funding, timelines, and availability, has afforded us top consideration by affiliates of the United Nations, the United States of America, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
This unique experience of working alongside public sectors, navigating extensive bid processes, and international travel availability has provided Management Systems International with an excellent customer satisfaction rating.

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