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Why MSI Exists

Powering Companies Towards Excellence

Global Recognition

ISO certification is a globally recognized symbol of quality and reliability. It opens doors to new markets and gives you an edge over competitors.

Boost Efficiency

We help you streamline processes, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency, leading to enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Happy Customers

ISO standards promote customer-centric practices. MSI guides you in achieving customer satisfaction for long-term success.

About Us

Where ISO Expertise Meets Integrity & Purpose

Since 1998, we’ve been passionate about helping businesses achieve operational excellence through ISO standards.

We go beyond compliance – we help you transform your company and elevate employees’ lives.

Our Vision

To make a positive difference in the world by helping companies improve their performance, enhance employees’ lives, and drive industry-wide excellence.

Our Mission

To empower businesses to achieve operational excellence through successful implementation and maintenance of ISO Management Systems.

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Over 55 years of combined ISO experience

Struggling with ISO Complexity? Get Your Free Consultation

We’ll cut through the complexity and show you a clear path to success.

We exists to increase companies’ value towards greater excellence whether in their quality systems or environmental protection by applying the ISO Standards.

Diana Lynn – Founder & CEO

ISO Consulting Solutions for Your Success

Tailored implementation, maintenance
support, internal audits, and training

ISO 13485

Quality medical devices. Ensure your devices meet top standards for safety and compliance.

ISO 45001

Prioritize workplace safety, minimize risks, and create a culture where employee well-being is paramount.

ISO 14001

Go green & gain a competitive edge. Reduce environmental impact and optimize resources.

ISO 9001

The global standard for quality, improving satisfaction, efficiency, and performance.

Integrated Excellence with Combined ISO Solutions

At MSI, we understand that your organization’s needs are unique. While some companies prioritize quality management (ISO 9001), others require environmental stewardship (ISO 14001) or occupational health and safety best practices (ISO 45001). The good news? You don’t have to choose just one. MSI offers expert consulting services to help you implement combined ISO standards.

Our Process

Your Path to ISO Excellence


We Guide, You Succeed

Our customized approach ensures you meet ISO standards with a focus on your company’s specific needs.


We Do the Heavy Lifting

MSI’s systematic approach guarantees a smooth journey. We shoulder the heaviest load, from procedures to internal audits, for a 100% success rate.


Your ISO Partner for Life

We’re not just here for your initial certification. MSI provides continuous support with internal audits, management reviews, and training – ensuring your long-term ISO success.


Reviews From Our Clients

Karen Shaffer
Operations Analyst, Broadcast Microwave Systems

MSI is reliable, knowledgeable, experienced, adaptable and committed to helping BMS keep to our schedule.

Maggie West
CEO, House of Batteries

I recommend MSI with complete confidence. We have worked closely with their staff over 2 years. They attend to detail and help us grow as a company. I have very high regard for their company.

Barbara Stroope
Management Representative, Acxiom

I very much appreciated Diana’s willingness to work through several re-organizations and leadership changes at Acxiom. Her calm approach to these changes helped keep us on track. She made several exceptions for us to accommodate our needs … and I think her flexibility was one of the keys to our success.

Michael Hardin
GM, Hardin Optical

MSI assessed our strengths and weaknesses and then provided the leadership needed to make Hardin Optical ready for the ISO 9001 certification audit. The tools and guidance we received from Diana Procter’s coaching were vital to making our goals a success. — We are thankful for the work done with MSI and would recommend their leadership to companies committed to achieving ISO 9001 certification.

Case Studies

Authentic Advice for Real Results

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Lower dropout rate

Stella, Turn Vision into Value

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Customer growth rate

For the Bold and Ambitious

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Increased revenue growth

For the Bold and Ambitious

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cost savings

Stella, Turn Vision into Value

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Our Team

Meet Our Professional Team

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Meet Our Founder

Diana co-founded MSI after acquiring extensive professional experience in supply chain and program management with the United States Air Force. Trained in auditing quality management systems meeting ISO 9001 and environmental management systems meeting ISO 14001 requirements. Diana has led hundreds of companies to ISO and AS registration.

Diana Lynn - ISO Expert

Unless you have in-house experts who can devote two to three days a week to determine the scope of the project, to focus on implementing and managing the required upfront development, as well as to understand how to apply the generic requirements to your operations, you will need to hire a professional ISO consultant.

With the assistance of a qualified ISO consulting firm, many averaged size companies (up to 200 employees and single locations), can be certified in six (6) to eight (8) months.

Many companies begin their journey because their customers require them to earn ISO certification. For other companies, certification is driven by new management who experienced success when working in ISO certified companies. Or perhaps they have seen the results of sister companies or they have read about the success of various companies who have gone on the ISO journey. However, they decide to begin the process, most hire experienced consultants like MSI to help them get there

Extensive, detailed documentation of our approach as well as easy printable brochures are available on our Web Site at www.msi-international.com. For additional information please contact Management Systems International (MSI) at 760 434 9141.

MSI guarantees improvement in your operations when you implement and follow our recommendations. If you are looking for continuous process improvements that lead to increased productivity and increased profits call MSI today. 760-434-9141 or visit www.MSI-International.com.

By using your system routinely such as implementing changes through revising documents and maintaining the internal audit program, the system should be able to stay up to date. In order to keep your certificate, your company is audited by the registrar at what is called the surveillance audit either every six months or annually. MSI offers our SureResultsTM Maintenance Program for clients who would like to have us help them with their on-going support see MSI’s Ongoing Maintenance SureResults Program.

FAQs Page

Frequently Asked Questions

 This FAQ section addresses common questions regarding ISO Certification. If you’re looking for information on how to get started, what standards apply, or the benefits of certification, you’ve come to the right place.


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