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    ISO Internal Audits


    Is your Auditor dependable?
    Perhaps the most important part of the ISO certification process is the auditing phase. They are required if you hope to claim ISO efficiency. Making sure you have a competent person leading the initiative is also important. Here are ways to know your auditor is reputable.

    Expert auditors are smooth operators. They’ll observe and compile all the necessary information they need to do their job, while allowing your staff to conduct work as if nothing was going on.

    It’s important to note how many assessments your auditor conducts a year. The more the merrier. An excess of audits means they’re familiar with the process and know exactly what they’re doing.

    Success Rate
    However, a great amount of audits doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t equal a number of successful conversions. You’ll want an auditor who has led more than 95% of its clientele to certification. Anything less is anything but top tiered.

    We, at Management Systems International, provide the high quality audits mentioned-above. We take on an average of 200 audits a year with a 100% success rate and we’re quiet – you won’t even know we’re there. We want to help your business attain certification.

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