What Makes a Great Consultant

Project ManagementTo start, develop your Company’s Customer Service Promise. MSI has 15 points of our Superior Customer Service Promise.  This is gone over with all MSI ISO auditors/consultants at the start of the days at customers’ sites.  Providing ISO Consulting is complex and we interact with most departments of companies. Our 1st promise is to understand our customers’ business. ISO consulting usually are full and complex days.  Our 2nd Superior Customer Service Promise is to listen carefully to what each customer contact says and what they want as an end result.  Having written out our Superior Customer Service Promise has taken our endeavors to great heights at the same time leading the efforts of our customers’ ISO certifications.  The next most crucial activity is to determine the values that your consulting firm will operate to no matter what and ensure all that represent your company will abide by those same values. Of course, it can’t be ever overstated to provide training in order that all representative consultants speak the same regarding solutions and this is best done by  having defined processes. Lastly, provide feedback good and needed improvements to your representatives as often as possible.  Best of Success to all Consultants that improve the lives of companies‘ employees’ lives.

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