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“I seriously told him (her husband) after seeing my recent post on LinkedIn that you taught me WHY we need ISO and how to make it fun! :). This was said in a message with a Human Resources expert that was at the customer we assisted in implementing and continue to support by providing ISO Consulting and Internal Auditing. I asked her if I could quote her and she said yes. With her permission, her name is Lisa Rood with past experience with Qualcomm. Once we get permission from the customer we will add their name. They are in the med-tech industry and was acquired by a large company in the south.

I know most ISO certified companies could never imagine for one implementing an ISO Standard to be a fun process or two and even better than certification audits could be exhilarating. Even as an expert in the ISO Standards, I learn of all sorts of topics that I would never have had the opportunity to have learned. Yes, audits are mostly known to be anxiety-filled, but only due to a lack of preparation and understanding the intentions of the requirements.

But not how MSI approaches the implementation process and even the prep work of the certification audits. Plus as a bonus, we select who are not only experts in the Standard but are pleasant to spend 8 hours+ during an audit. I learned this lesson early especially since this is what MSI offers in being at the audits. When I get to see firsthand how implementation strategies are tested and ways they could be improved we bring these learnings back to all of our processes.

It thrilled me to randomly get this message on Linkedin regarding our ISO Consulting approach, but more what excited me was that Lisa is an astute HR professional. This thrills me because most HR professionals in past certifications were the least interested. Then to see this quote from her “I would speak to the importance of it during hiring interviews and feel so empowered. :). First Class right there!

Of all the sections of the Standards, in my experience when we are only doing the internal audits, the weakest area of effectiveness by companies when initially implementing is the hiring and development requirements. The resistance is the primary reason and then with that is the lack of commitment to make full use of the intents of the language spelled out in the Standards.

Another compliment we have received is that implementing ISO with our team was the most satisfying endeavor in their entire career and this person is extremely intelligent with a PhD in the scientific studies. I don’t take these compliments lightly. And it fires me up more to keep adding elements in our approach for people to garner the knowledge and benefits. Once learned always learned.

Certified companies or those about to embark on any ISO Implementation need to get buy-in from the HR leader first. If your company is certified currently and you are not sure how the HR leader interprets or is positively on board then give this some thought on how to address this.

All our customers we’ve implemented any of the ISO Standards we endeavor to change this paradigm and like this customer, they accepted the challenge. As a leader of the certification efforts, I urge you to take a quick look at the related procedures to hiring and establishing the development plans. Also, I encourage you to take a look at the orientation given and how well is the positive attitude presented to new employees regarding systems procedures, Policies and overall processes in place? As a leader of your company, these can give you a fresh impression of how well the company is ready and is truly innovative. Most of the time they are outdated or just plain weak.

In summary, to see this at the start of 2022 is greatly appreciated. I hope the majority of companies have HR experts like Lisa at their company leading the employee hiring and development process. We believe that when HR departments make the most use of the intents of the requirements it makes not only their days but managers and employees more enjoyable. 

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