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MSI’s 2 Day Internal Auditor course presents an excellent opportunity for internal auditors and those responsible for internal audit programs to enhance their knowledge of ISO 9001:2015 new version requirements. Ideal for currently certified companies!

People involved in the internal quality audits play a major role in a company’s ISO certification. It is up to auditors to ensure that standards are being implemented and in compliance. In short, they have an important job to perform, and its imperative for your company to remain current on ISO 9001 standards and practices.

MSI has worked with more than 600 companies to assist them in becoming or maintaining ISO certification. Our courses are continually updated to reflect the best practices learned from ISO 9001 implementation programs and executed internal audits. We know what ISO Registrars expect. Learn from ISO Consultant experts.

Register here https://msi-international.com/training/

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