Always Aim For Continual Improvement

Encouragement to Imagine greater goals!

This is one of Jim Rohn’s Treasury of Quotes. He was one of the best motivational speakers ever in my opinion. This quote caught my attention this Saturday because I have been thinking a lot about goals. It has been my experience that when you start to pencil out ideas of goals for the coming year prior to the holidays you are more mentally amped to set them up for success. My experience has been that if the concepts are thought through before the holidays then as you are enjoying a lot more quality time with family the desire to achieve your goals becomes more deepened.

Now when it comes to goal writing I think I’m pretty good. We address goals at the onset of all of our ISO Consulting. We’ve all heard of setting goals using the acronym SMART, but I saw years later after college SMARTER (e= excitement and r= recording status). Now as I was writing this I think it’s better to not be realistic more like shoot for the stars mentality. Push yourself a little more. You never know.

Goal writing takes courage and a positive state of mind. Some concepts I’ve learned I’d like to share with you here. Words goals and objectives are used interchangeably. Establishing these should be derived from Values, Vision and Mission statements.  I will address these in our next article.

First when you are thinking of the goal you want to commit to writing, first think and write out what on that subject you are grateful for. You have probably had some success already on the subject. For example, if you have a financial goal. What have you achieved in your life so far regarding finances? Take a moment and realize a time when you had any accomplishments related to the subject and give yourself accolades. Jim Rohn says “Thanksgiving opens the windows of opportunity for ideas to flow your way”. Draft the overall goal in as much positive feeling as possible. Next, really put some visuals to what will be resonating by achieving your goal. I will borrow strategies I learned in a PSYCH-K workshop.

A VAK concept is applied. Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic for each goal. This ensures proper alignment and there are ways to test if right on the subconscious level as well. So asking to yourself and say out loud and how does that overall make you feel in imagining time later when accomplished. So in the visual aspect, write 3 statements regarding what will you see in your life that lets you know you’ve achieved your goal? Next Auditory means what will you hear people say about you and what will you say to yourself. Last, kinesthetic meaning what will you feel after seeing the increase in financial worth. Then to recall if you’ve ever felt this feeling before. Then writing the final belief statement. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves could there be some ecological constraints that are underlying? Maybe deep down you may have felt you don’t deserve being rich (in whatever that might mean). Or as Jim Rohn would hold you accountable to is are you willing to do the work required or make changes in your life to accommodate the resources to put into achieving the goal. I write about 5 of these types of goals. For sure we all need a health goal and a relationship goal, why not add a new skill goal. Put as much positive emotion in this to entrench the resolve needed.

My last and most important tip and this helps with the belief is to write goals in the active present tense (no use of the word will because this tells the subconscious that this can only happen in some future). An example would be “I have increased my revenues/earnings by 50%. This achievement of the goal enables me to renovate my home.

Now let these sit and your mind will get to work on the “how” in being able to accomplish. You will be months ahead mentally if you take the effort on some quiet mornings to write in a journal that you can come back to. Even more courageous would be to share with your loved ones so they can encourage you and even better yet share with your kids so they can grasp goal writing with vigor and see their success sky-rocket. Finally, Jim Rohn says ” asking is the beginning of receiving”.

Lastly, I hope this article inspired you and elevated your thinking but more importantly inspires you to start putting thoughts and ideas on paper. I wish you all the possibilities and greater success. 


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