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    ACE your Growing Business


    Put Quality 1St
    You And Your Management Team Hold The Cards To Growing Your Business

    Whether you are starting a business or have been in business for several years, you and your management team do have it in your hands for total success. Just as MSI has been providing ISO consulting for now 20 years, we keep thinking of ways we can be more innovative and add value to our customers’ businesses each and every day.

    Today we are launching ACE Your Business. We will introduce business concepts based on a card from the deck of cards. Today is the ACE of hearts and we correlate this to clarifying your company’s purpose and strategic direction. Why do we connect this to the ACE of hearts? Because without being clear about what your company is about your company will be subject to the whims and fads of the day.

    This does not mean that your company should not be innovative, but that make sure proposed ideas are aligned with the company’s purpose before being implemented. This is referenced in the ISO Standards in the paragraph Context of the Organization.  Also in ISO 14001, but with more of an emphasis on how the purpose relates to its ability to achieve outcomes of being more environmentally proactive.

    Obviously, it’s important to define what your company is about, but very often what happens is that companies slip into other types of businesses. I’ve have been reflecting on this video the last of couple of weeks that is very inspiring. What is your WHY  Most important is for you and your management team to keep focused and ensure that all of your employees can speak to what the company is about and its mission. Is Quality a priority? The 2nd part of the context is what is the company’s strategic direction. We refer to a chart when we 1st start with a company’s QMS implementation as well as EMS and it is broken down into these 5 choices:

    • Lowest cost provider
    • Broad differentiation (multiple segments of customers)
    • Best cost provider (value and support)
    • Focused low-cost provider
    • Focused differentiation

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Perfect for the beginning of the year to review and reflect for the week on your company’s written purpose and strategic direction and ask several questions: did we get off course? what proves we are on course? do we need to fine-tune the company’s purpose and strategic direction? what are the external and internal issues that could affect your company’s ability to achieve the intended results? Maybe update the company’s SWOTT (extra T for trends). As these are answered, do the needs and expectations of your customers change? Discuss these with your management team and compare how aligned each of you thinks your company is with the purpose and strategic direction. As a result, greater success this year.  Bookmark MSI’s blog as we will post here first and then to our other social media channels after receiving your feedback. Very soon, we are launching membership subscriptions and comprehensive online training offerings. The next card is the ACE of diamonds. We are correlating this to Customer Satisfaction.

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