Corporate Mission: How-to

Corporate Mission

As 2013 begins, the time for corporate evaluation is on the forefront of many people’s minds. I recently read that most employees are not consistently aware of the Company’s mission or even their Department’s mission. Have you asked your employees what they believe their Mission is? Surveys say that you will get different answers. Do your employees have compelling goals to direct their daily activities that are in support of the Company’s mission and their Department’s mission?

Evaluating Goals

It is motivating for employees to self-evaluate how they did on their previous year’s goals and then to make adjustments based on the results for the year going forward.  As Managers/Leaders it is important to ensure that these goals are in alignment with the Company and Department’s mission. It is our job to equip employees with the necessary tools to ensure success.

How to Equip Employees

Providing employees with effective procedures, relevant job descriptions, training and timely constructive performance feedback are some of the ways to equip employees.  These are specific ISO 9001 requirements to which the development and maintenance of such is essential for a company’s success.  More importantly, assess the effectiveness of procedures, job descriptions and appraisal process by performing internal audits. Internal Audits can detect break-downs which corrective actions are taken to make improvements.  Recently remote internal audits gained recognition and are considered an acceptable approach to performing the required internal audits.

Taking Action

Empower your staff towards continual improvement by better defining their responsibilities in the procedures as one of the provided tools to equip them towards success in your corporate and departmental missions. By providing consistency through regular internal audits you motivate employees and improve your company’s value. For further information about conducting internal audits contact MSI.

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