Alignment of Mission and Companies’ Policies

An example of a Company aligning its Mission and Company Policies is Shimano.  They state on their website that they must define its corporate mission even more clearly and envision even more concretely their contribution to society and to future generations. Taken from their website, Shimano a world known brand for cycles …..”defines its corporate mission even more clearly and envision even more concretely our contribution to society and to future generations”. Shimano has been supplying various “Captivating Products,” created through the fusion of our technologies and “human touch”. In developing our products, we have been seeking ideal ways to link people with nature. In developing a bicycle component, for instance, we imagine a cycling scene, where riders feel like pedaling more slowly to enjoy the singing birds and cool breeze even more thoroughly.

From the founder, Yozo Shimano, we have inherited an enthusiastic commitment to producing high-quality and reliable products.  Shimano has an environmental management system that is balanced with providing high-quality and reliable products. Their Environmental Policy begins with “To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the World around us”… continues with preserving local and global environments.

MSI’s development of environmental Management System and/ or quality Management Systems, company’s vision, mission and values are integrated in the Systems by first brainstorming on the Policies. MSI’s vision is to improve Companies’ performance and employees’ lives.

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