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Government Agencies

The Importance of Serving the Public

Government organizations commonly use quality standards to streamline and manage process controls and efficiently carry out their mission. Although the public and internal customers do not typically exchange payments for services, these organizations understand the importance of continually serving their needs.

To effectively fulfill these customers’ requests for services and goods, government organizations must first implement a Quality Management System (QMS) meeting ISO requirements to formalize the acceptance of the scope of work and expectations. This effort prompts internal customers to define the work to be performed including the timeframe, requirements and any exceptions to standard procedures. In turn, government organizations can properly assess requests, seeking clarification if necessary and determining if they can fulfill the requirements.

Delivering on Promises

With a QMS, government organizations consistently and accurately deliver on promises to fulfill contracts for goods and services. Further, most contracts require suppliers to be ISO certified.

MSI has implemented ISO standards and successfully applied industry requirements for DoD organizations, so they could confidently pass the certification phase. Once these organizations were accepted as meeting the ISO standard, they were highly regarded within the organization. In our experience, certified government entities adapted quicker to changes made in the government echelons.

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View Datasheet: Why achieve ISO Certification? (in .pdf format)