The Power of a Personal Vision Proclamation

Personal Vision Statement has Influenced my abilities as a President. We’ve heard of having a Company Vision Statement and how impactful these are, but Imagine the same impact in having a personal Vision Statement on your life. The feeling of achieving more than ever before is pretty darn good.

Have you ever been inspired by a Vision Statement? For instance, Disney’s Vision Statement is “To make people happy”. What if you could craft a personal Vision statement that sparks you up first thing in your day and daily? I’m the President of Management Systems International, an ISO Consulting Company and we encourage all of our customers to come up with a succinct vision statement, but what I have never shared before is the fact that I’ve had a Personal Vision Statement for over 20 years. I’ll explain here the process I went through to come up with this, why I think this is important and how to not overcomplicate this.

From the last topic, you could see that the challenge is to not overcomplicate this. The most famous Company Vision statements are just a few words such as the above Disney or even Amazon’s “To be the world’s most customer-centric company.” These are powerful.

Whether a Company Vision statement or Personal Vision statement both should be in alignment with goals, values and mission. Creating a Personal Vision statement is going above and beyond by far. So the first thing to think about is what in your life do you treasure most and for most of us, it’s our relationships and added to the health. My later vision and theme has been about quality life concepts. If you lead a business or are in some leadership position, you will discover lots of similarities in the underlying beliefs.

I came up with my Personal Vision statement by first thinking about what do I want for my life from years on end and to fulfill to 40 years later and that is where the inspiration of Making a Difference in the World came from. I also like to use words that inspire me so I do have included rewarded with a Marvelous Life. The overall decision of words to use of course has lots of choices. As I’ve encouraged having corporate Vision Statement for our customers and how it guides daily big decisions, this is also true in personal big decisions like how to spend my time during Covid-19 and mostly I spent time in developing long-term vault of ISO Learnings for our upcoming Corporate Membership. What was most important was keeping a positive mental attitude as I believe this is a big source to our overall health. The last thought I want to share is how important it is to not overcomplicate this process and that deciding the biggest way you want to create a legacy starts with words you might be thinking about daily. Remember this is your personal Vision Statement and is not concrete. As you have experiences, you’ll find how these may reshape what you want as your life vision.

In summary, a Personal Vision Statement elevates your possibilities. From what I have experienced, my subconscious directs greater opportunities that leads to the ultimate life that I want to be creating.

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