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  • 7 Days Until World Standards Day - Management Systems International (MSI)

    7 Days until World Standards Day

    In support of World Standards Day, MSI will post some interesting facts about ISO Standards. Today we will start with guess what the latest number of ISO Standards have been developed? Certified Companies and those new to ISO Standards would be surprised by this number as well. Have you ever thought about what goes into the making of an ISO Standard? We will cover this question in greater lengths in a future post. One Standard in itself is challenging to develop but 24,028 of them. MSI has been “all in” since 1998 in the development of systems for companies in accordance to what are known as the Management System Standards such as ISO 9001, 14001 for the environment and the newest ISO 45001 for health and safety. I, as the President of MSI, have always thought about what was it like at the beginning of developing Standards prior to communication technologies. Now Standards can be developed quicker and still with the say of 166 member country representatives. It’s funny even getting agreements in our families is a struggle, but with 166 member countries and the wide range of cultures, it seems to me to be a miracle for these highly technical documents and concepts to come to fruition. Like, are dinner choices made easy in your family? Ha Ha

    The creation of Standards is amazing but know too that each Standard has intervals for reviewing and updating which is about every 5 years. I’m still excited to be in this industry and ready to see the next 10,000 standards to be developed. In closing, on the ISO website, they say “Shared success is about successfully sharing the best of ideas and methods. This is what we hope to bring as we work with each and every customer.

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