Unlocking Customers’ Potential

Unlocking Customers’ Potential is what inspired the inception of MSI back in 1998. As a buyer at a San Diego utility company, I wanted to make a difference in their growth. When I became aware of what ISO is, it inspired me as a method to lead companies to becoming even better suppliers. Now over 70 plus certified companies and how each customer earning their ISO certification is still very exciting just as it was the first customer achieving certification.

One of the first things we do is understand customers in what they are about and what do they want to achieve through them earning certification. What was it more customers? higher quality customers? improve overall quality? or my favorite create/enhance processes. We’ve had a solid turnkey methodology since the beginning and we offered first as an ISO Consulting company to actually write the required procedures. Now, ISO implementations can be more creative. I believe, our methodology allows for greater potential than even they could imagine. What we talk about is how their brands become more known and marketing costs less after certification. MSI is about to offer a subscription based for training and accountability for ISO 9001/13485 certified companies towards improving their systems. The topics are broken down into quarters and such topics as: customer focus, inspired leadership, operational excellence, employee advocate and as a bonus Design and Development requirements to using as a model to running a better business.

Wish to have emailed to you our Customer Focus ebook? Just send Diana [email protected] an email and the 95 page ebook will be sent to your email by Diana replying back to you. Here is a reminder to start with that Customer Focus is primarily the responsibility of the Leadership.

Top management demonstrates leadership and commitment with respect to Customer Focus by ensuring that: •Customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are: •Determined •Understood •Consistently Being Met • •Risks and Opportunities need to be Determined and Addressed •Can impact the conformity of products and services  •Can impact the ability to enhance customer satisfaction  • •Focus on enhancing customer satisfaction is maintained.

Successful customer focus strategies ensures that all levels of employees and various departmental leaders understands the needs of the customers. All employees at MSI are aware of what each and every customer is about and exactly what stage they are at. Each quarter will have an opportunity to discover specific improvements that can be made and then an accountability session to validate the Golden Nugget improvement is effective. Planning to enhance customer focus starts with an effective procedure. Then of course having an effective means to receive customer feedback in simple means. Do you wish for any of your suppliers to consider ISO Certification? Refer them to us and we know this will greatly improve your own company’s performance. Have a Nice Day!

Unlocking Customers' Potential 2

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