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    Make ISO Your New Best Friend with A Modern Approach.
    Start Nailing down your Key Processes and Get the Process Map used by ISO Experts

    Management Systems International, LLC is an ISO Consulting Company committed to the continued success of our clients. Since 1998, we have demonstrated leadership, integrity and ongoing excellence by powering businesses forward through ISO certification with a 100% success rate.


    The start to finish Implementation Program. With five major milestones, the MSI SurePath™ turnkey solution is your expedited answer for ISO certification.


    Your Proactive Maintenance Program. SureResults® offers ongoing maintenance to continually achieve results from your quality, environmental and/or safety and health management system.

    ISO Standards

    We offer affordable consulting services to augment your staff, help with ISO certification or organizational changes that could affect your current certification.

    Industries We Serve

    MSI powers forward B2B service, medical device, pharma, aerospace, defense and manufacturing companies of any size by helping them meet and exceed international standards.

    Our Vision

    MSI improves your organization by developing and maintaining management systems that deliver strategic and continuous improvements in pursuit of Excellence

    Our Results

    We are a world leader in ISO Consulting Services and have helped over 600 companies and organizations receive and maintain several ISO certifications.

    Free Resource for a less stressful ISO review

    Make your next ISO management review less stressful with our free 5 steps document. Ace your next ISO management review!

    Upcoming Corporate Excellence app

    Our App is going to change the field of internal processes. Always have tools and best practices at the tip of your fingers

    Products to help you improve effectiveness

    Our consulting, templates and ISO courses provide your business with information and tools that help make you and your team more productive.

    Helping You Achieve ISO Certification

    ISO Consulting Services

    Management Systems International (MSI) is a world leader in ISO Consulting Services. We offer affordable consulting services to augment your staff and help with ISO certification.

    ISO Training

    Our staff has over 55 years of combined ISO experience. MSI is the ISO expert! We know what ISO Registrars expect and can give you the training and assistance you need for results!

    About Diana Lynn

    Diana, co-founded MSI after acquiring extensive professional experience in supply chain and program management with the United States Air Force, National Steel and Shipbuilding (NASSCO) and San Diego Gas and Electric.

    Trained in lead auditing quality management systems meeting ISO 9001, ISO 13485 requirements and environmental management systems meeting ISO 14001 requirements, she has led hundreds of companies to ISO and AS registration.

    Diana 400X400

    Design and Development Series Course coming soon!

    Need to refresh your Design and Development Process?  We’ve been working hard to develop a 4 video series to walk through what is required to perform your Company’s Design and Development Process.  

    Fill out any of our contact forms to let us know that you are interested. 

    Call with any QUESTIONS      888-914-9141

    Ideal for: Companies needing to refresh their process to ensure continuing to meet ISO Standards and even for companies wanting to get insights into what it takes to formalize the design process.  

    This series 1st starts with a gap questionnaire and will explain in detail what each of the requirements mean, the planning process, content of a typical procedure and the improvement process. 


    Not Certified? Learning the design process in respect to an International Standard  is the best way to get off on the right foot  towards becoming certified company and to begin the  QUALITY Management journey.

    MSI celebrating 25 years of service