ISO Overview

DESCRIPTION:   The overview courses introduce ISO, a review of the elements of the applicable standard(s), and the necessary steps to becoming certified. Our staff is highly experienced and has over 55 years of combined ISO experience. MSI is the ISO expert! We know what ISO Registrars expect and can give you the training and assistance you need for results! As a person at an ISO certified company, you play a major role in your company’s ISO certification. It is up to you to ensure that adopted standards are being implemented and followed. You also prepare your company to pass external audits for continued certification.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide an understanding of the principles and concepts of the applicable ISO standard:
    processes, PDCA and Management area of emphasis
  • Provide an understanding of the requirements of the applicable ISO standard, exposure to all
    the requirements in order to pique the interest to self-study afterwards for how the
    requirements apply to your operations
  • Provide an overview of the management system objectives and key performance indicators
  • Provide an understanding of the registration process

You will benefit by:

  • Learning the ISO standard concepts
  • Learning the management system objectives and key performance indicators
  • Learning what to expect during the registration process
  • Capturing a working knowledge of the practices, roles, and responsibilities of an auditor.

Who should attend:

  • All employees within the company.
  • All persons working for or on the behalf of the company (temporary staffing)


  • This is a 4-5 hour course for the first standard. Each additional standard selected adds about 2
    hours to the training presentation.
  • The price includes access to the presentation, customizing objective and key performance
    indicator slide, and effectiveness quiz.
  • All print outs are the responsibility of the trainee.
  • Onsite training can include real time examples from the company instead of mock content.


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