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How do international standards pertain to service organizations? The basis of ISO 9001 requires that service organizations define business processes and understand how they interrelate. Now if you are considering ISO 13485, the Medical Device can be applied to service organizations.

For service as well as manufacturing businesses, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 or AS 9100 addresses contract management, personnel hiring, service delivery, supplier selection and service design. To achieve ISO 9001, ISO 13485 or AS 9100 certification, you need an experienced consulting firm that knows how to interpret the international standard for service businesses and most importantly, adapt it to your unique operations.

Diversity of Applications

Management Systems International (MSI) has successfully implemented Quality Management Systems (QMS) that meet ISO 9001, ISO 13485 or AS 9100 requirements for information systems and reporting companies, marketing firms, commercial general contractors, security installers and many other types of service organizations. For your service business, we typically:

  1. Create a detailed plan with your existing and pending business capabilities in mind, mitigating risk;
  2. Develop this plan considering your specific company scope, size and complexity
  3. Fulfill tasks as defined in the plan while we:
    • Complete set milestones on time;
    • Conduct weekly in-house planning meetings on past, present and future tasks;
    • Thoroughly review documentation prior to your review, approval and use;
    • Guarantee that registration audits return zero or only single-digit findings;
    • Regularly ask for your feedback on our performance using customer surveys, promising customer satisfaction through certification.

Upon implementing your system for compliance, your trained internal personnel can audit the processes – measuring your readiness for a third-party auditor to confirm ISO 9001 certification.

Learn more about our QMS implementation process using our widely regarded SurePath® turnkey solution.

View Datasheet: Why achieve ISO Certification? (in .pdf format)