Elite Corporate Consulting Webinar


This is a 1 hour webinar held at various times for a limited time to introduce First ever Elite Corporate Consulting Course. The webinar will teach how to begin an ISO Project, Ideal Customers, ISO Consulting in your future and at the heart of the webinar is expanding on your own Qualities that you could bring to any ISO Implementation.  Ending with being provided resources to write your own personal vision/values/mission/purpose statement. Lastly, how MSI has been very successful for over 21 years in providing ISO Consulting and our approach.

Long term Vision is to help people develop their own ISO Consulting Company and be up and running in 90 days!

Being the owner of a Corporate Consulting business is THE single most powerful and exciting way to make an impact in the world while growing your income and freedom to life-changing levels.

It’s what’s allowed MSI to grow over the years not only financially but in unique expertise with only a few employees and key contractors.

Unlike other types of Corporate Consulting businesses that suffer from growing complexity, escalating overhead, and shrinking profits… a thriving Corporate Consulting business can be very simple to operate while still producing lifechanging revenue and impact.

It’s the type of business that allows you to truly live life on your own terms while deeply knowing that you’re serving your market and creating the impact you were meant to make.

Corporate Consulting business is perfect for expansion of your coaching, niche consultants, service-providers and experts who:

Are perpetually on the verge of burnout, and are ready to start shifting things away from one-on-one work, retirement or a day job to something more lucrative and sustainable




Elite Corporate ConsultingFirst Ever, an online course to teach Professionals how to provide ISO Consulting.

This is webinar will introduce what ISO Consulting is about.  A discovery of your Qualities and what you could bring to any Company wanting to pursue ISO Certification. Information will be provided to INSPIRE you to develop your

Personal Mission Statement.

Do you want an advanced start? Go to learn.elitecorporateconsulting.org Answer 4 easy questions then submit and a reply will be provided summarizing what Qualities you could bring to ISO Consulting Projects. Join hundreds of interested professional already very excited to learn this extremely valuable expertise. This webinar is an introduction of our upcoming 1st series, Elite Corporate Consulting Course, we will go into much depth on how to prepare a company towards certification which prepares you for the 2nd series Course.  We start with the 7 Truths, and through the development, these get more and more refined. Curious what we call the 7 Truths of any Company?  Go to learn.elitecorporateconsulting.org

The 7 Truths is what we help companies determine at our first project meeting and what we will help you master in the Elite Corporate Consulting training series.

Register quickly by June 21, and receive a discount of 25%

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