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Ace of spades is the last of 4 aces

We attribute the Ace of spades to the Quality Policy.  Every certified company must have a Quality Policy. If your company is not certified, but may consider some day develop your Company’s Quality Policy. Why not? Establishing your company’s Quality Policy will definitely give your company a higher bar of distinction. The Quality Policy is brief, but powerful. It will set the tone for everyone from top management, employees, suppliers and of course customers. It basically should convey the importance of quality throughout. Let’s imagine if every company including services and professions had a mantra of doing their best to serve the customer.

The “Must Haves”

The brief paragraph must include the company’s commitment to satisfy applicable requirements from legal, to industry and of course what ever requirements customers mandate in orders/contracts. The other must have is that the brief paragraph includes the commitment to continual improvement, but more specifically to the Quality Management System. Otherwise, when drafting the Quality Policy consider what your company is about and the strategic direction. As it should set the framework of meeting those needs. It should be simple because everyone must understand it and how it applies to their responsibilities. Then it should give hint as to what objectives will be set to demonstrate fulfilling to the Quality Policy. Being careful not to have exceeding customers’ expectations because then it will be concluded that there is a goal that is being measured to demonstrate fulfillment. Lastly, it needs to be reviewed on some recurring basis. We suggest to review at the semi-annual management review. Once your management group has accepted it as the final, have it signed, dated and prepared to be beautifully posted throughout the company and especially in conference rooms so that it can be reflected upon when discussing important issues about the company and its customers.


The final Quality Policy should be in exact alignment with the company’s mission, vision, values and culture. Ask your self why is this just coming to your awareness? Companies may have policies around compliance, environment, energy, employment, occupational health and safety, quality of work life, innovation, security, privacy and data protection. Why not what we want the customer experience to be? And that expressing to all employees the importance of Quality and how it is of utmost importance.

An example of a Quality Policy:

“ Company Name” is focused on providing outstanding development services through collaboration, valued innovation and performance that leads to:

    • Increased value and competitive advantage to ensure total customer satisfaction.
    • Breakthrough Solutions  of  highest quality
    • Continual improvement of our overall effectiveness
    • Meeting requirements and Deliverables

simple Right?  Now draft your company’s quality policy and call it what you want so that it appeals to everyone. If you wish submit to us through our forms and we will provide feedback.

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President of MSI, ISO Consulting for 25 years. Trained in lead auditing quality management systems meeting ISO 9001 requirements and environmental management systems meeting ISO 14001 requirements. Led hundreds of companies to ISO and AS registration. In 2015, with the anticipation of a new Medical Device standard aligned with ISO 9001, 13485 consulting protocols.