Creating More Splendor for Life by Constructing Effective Goals

All Management Systems whether Quality or Environmental require goals to be determined.  Real goals are “SMART”. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based. Goals/Objectives are the evidence that the Policies be it Environmental or Quality are being fulfilled.  Procedures/SOPs/Processes are established to ensure achieving the determined objectives.  With the right planning of resources such as skilled/competent personnel, equipment and infrastructure any objective is achievable. Along with this is knowing the risks and keeping the awareness of those risks actually occurring. In accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 section 6.2.1 Objectives Shall:

a) be consistent with the quality policy; b) be measurable; c) take into account applicable requirements; d) be relevant to conformity of products and services and to enhancement of customer satisfaction; e) be monitored; f) be communicated; g) be updated as appropriate.The organization shall maintain documented information on the quality objectives. (written)

Typical subjects for goals of corporations having an established Environmental and/Quality Management Systems are: On time delivery, Quality Product delivery, Customer Satisfaction and reduction of landfill waste.

The same methodology can be applied for personal goals by identifying your Mission/Vision and Values. Your goals should be tethered to any aspects of these.  I will be speaking at our local Toastmasters this Friday about the parallels in establishing  effective goals. Other secrets to effective goals: when creating first be grateful for what the goal that may be already have some momentum, write them in a positive, present tense, set a reward for when you start your plan or complete a major milestone to achieving the goal, describe what the realization of the goal looks like. Then imagine what others would say once you have achieved and what would you say to yourself.  Then associate a feeling for when completed like satisfaction, pride or even courageous. Meanwhile, continue to think of the positive results when achieved. Best of Success for Greater Splendor in your Life.

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