The Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification


You may have heard that following an ISO 9001 implementation guide is good for both your customers and the growth of your business. But, what is the ISO 9001 implementation process, and how is it beneficial?

Planning, Procedure development, Training, performance of internal audits, management review of the overall status of the QMS and finally certification to ISO 9001 is a way for your business to be internationally recognized as meeting certain set of business best management practices. All certified businesses have a series of requirements they agree to implement and continue to follow. These guidelines are the same for every country that recognizes the certification, and ensures the customer a certain degree of quality in both products and services.

  • Why spend the time and money necessary to certify your business? ISO 9001 Certification has many benefits:
  • Increased customer confidence. Knowing that you are following internationally recognized standards will provide your customers confidence in your business or service.
  • Increased sales and return customers. Confident customers lead to greater sales and customer retention.
  • Manage your business more systematically. Following a set of guidelines will help your business run more smoothly.
  • Improved business efficiency. With increased efficiency, you can save valuable time and increase production. Increased production leads to an increase in profits.
  • Reach new customers across the globe who are looking to work with an ISO 9001 certified business. Many customers will choose your business over a non-certified business.
  • An internationally recognized certification makes it easier to measure and compare the progress of your business.
  • A standard set of guidelines ensures that all employees and managers are on the same page and working toward the same goal. Improves training and development of all employees.

The bottom line is that ISO 9001 certification is beneficial for both customers and businesses. Customers benefit from standardized consistent processes, internationally recognized standards. They know a certified business will provide reliable, professional, timely products and services. Businesses benefit from an increase in customer trust, satisfaction, and retention, ultimately leading to an increase in sales. Businesses also benefit from improved productivity, efficiency, and ease of management.

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